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Monday, March 24, 2008

Girly Clothing Swap

I seem to be failing at successfully inviting everyone, so if you haven't received an invite yet, here it is:

It's that time again. As the seasons change, let's take a moment to dig through our closets, figure out what worked for us this year, and what needs to find a new closet to live in. Don't be shy - girls of every shape and size will be there. That dress that's just a little too big for you will look great on someone else. That blouse that gaps at the bust line will look like it was meant-to-be on a friend.

Here's how it works:
Everyone arrives with clothes. Clothes are laid out around the room according to size and type of item (top, bottom, dress, jammies, formals, etc.) and once everyone has laid out their clothes, had a cocktail, and some munchies, we'll all march into the room of clothes and start digging in. A clothing free-for-all will commence. Take away as much as you like. I'll have a couple of mirrors for fitting.

Once everyone has made a few trips around the room, trying on their first choices, trying something daring, trying a few that don't quite work, finding a something that works far better than it ever did for its original owner, and so on, then we'll have big bags to take home your picks. After that, we'll bag up the leftovers. You can take yours home with you, or I'll be happy to take it off to Out of the Closet for you.

Hope to see you there!

This time it's Thursday evening at my house. If you need more information, ping me. And sorry boys, this one isn't for you.


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