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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

PSA - Don't Bother with The Other Boleyn Girl

The girls had talked about seeing The Other Boleyn Girl together, but Rick really wanted to go to the movies on Sunday, so I figured I'd be game for seeing it again later with the girls.

I have rarely ever been so bored by a movie. I love costume flicks. I enjoy stories about this period of English history. I enjoyed the book. This film was the tedious Cliffs Notes version that had the depth of your average afternoon soap. For some reason the director opted to waste time on showing Mary & Anne's labor and delivery rather than spend any time developing Mary and Henry's relationship. I honestly thought til the last moment of the movie that they'd collapsed Mary's first and second husband into one character, but no, they just looked alike. There was one moment where the music/scene transition was edited so badly that the audience reacted audibly.

So give this one a miss. Or save it til some rainy afternoon when you're sewing and don't want something you'd need to pay attention to. Even then, I'd give the BBC P&P another view instead. Or Stage Beauty. Or Lady Jane.


  • I heard on one of it's commercials that they are using a song I hear at FNW a bunch as background music. Funny thing is, that I always figured that song would show up in some movie if it hadn't already, but I figured it would be some kind of Batman-ish dark movie.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 8:12 PM  

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