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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

Okay, so this weekend pretty much rocked. But there is too much. Let me sum up.

Eric and Lisa's wedding was super cool. Dave took great photos. There were just the right number of FNW/Gaskells/Fezziwig/Ceili dancers there to keep the affair lively and the dancing rocked. It's been a long time since I've been to a very Christian ceremony. The hymns and prayers and stuff didn't surprise me. What did catch me off guard was that they started at 3:30 promptly just like it said on the invitation. My brain thought, "Oh, right, they don't operate on Pagan Standard Time. Wacky." Anyway, lovely couple. Glad they found one another. I still remember how fabulous they looked and how made for one another they seemed at the Browncoat Ball in 2006. I was reminded of that last week looking at David's photos. They swept across the dance floor that night and people kept asking me, "Are they professional dancers? Are they a couple?" All I could say then was, "No, just friends, sort of maybe dating." And the other guests would just say, "Wow." Turns out, that was the night of their first kiss. Well now they've had their fairy tale ending. Let's hope it all goes as well from here on out.

Sunday I got up and headed to San Ramon to babysit Katy and Logan so that Sean & Elizabeth could go out, be coupley, and enjoy a show. They did, and I enjoyed hanging out with the kids all day. Logan and I played Wii and watched Empire Strikes back while Katy did her homework. As it turns out, she's a bit behind in Algebra and has a mountain of assignments to catch up on. Logan and I went out and fetched supper and came back to eat and get ready for bed. We read The Scariest Monster in the Whole Wide World and Egg-Napped. I had a great time. Katy is definitely a teenager, struggling with those teenager issues. Logan is definitely a six year old boy, playing with his Bionicles and his Nintendo DS. Sean and Elizabeth got home and I headed home about 11, with a stop by the grocery store for cupcake fixings. I got home and started baking Zucchini Cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day. They turned out super-yummy with cream cheese frosting and green sprinkles.

Monday was the Irish Holiday. First we danced to Driving With Fergus at Oakland City Center. Then nine of us headed to Le Cheval for lunch (with yummy Singapore noodles). Then Tracey and I headed to Alameda for a massage. After a brief stop for wireless and coffee at Javarama, we went out in search of live music and beer. First we went to McGees. No live music. Then we went down the street and found an actual smoky bar. Still no live music though. Then we went out to Lincoln to find McGrath's. Still no live music. Finally we gave up and called Sherman and decided to head to Forbidden Island. Once again, we were totally thwarted - Forbidden Island is closed on Mondays! Argh! So we walked past the house Sherman is in escrow for and then headed back to Park Street to meet up with Chris at the taqueria. Dinner was had without live music or green beer. But then we headed upstairs to the ceili. Truly brilliant chaos ensued. It was packed and the band was a little thin, but we had a grand time. Shelly arrived late and kept playing after Dave had to head home. We danced til 11:30 and only stopped because we really needed to get out. So we cleaned up after our cake and Guinness and scones and soda bread and other wide assortment of treats, vacuumed up the crumbs, and headed home.

Anyway, the weekend rocked. I'm tired now. Is it Friday yet?


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