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Monday, April 14, 2008

Lovely Weekend

By Friday, I was all tuckered out, so instead of heading to the city for a party, I headed home and went to see Leatherheads. Pretty, pretty movie. Renee Zellwegger and George Clooney run the show, with Renee being charming and bold (for the era) and George being the dashing combination of Cary Grant and Clark Gable we've all grown to love. It's a classic screwball comedy, a bit uneven at times, but with some of the best art direction and costuming I've seen in ages.

Saturday I rose earlier than I wanted to to go to the paint store to talk to their designer. She managed to put me off long before she came to give me advice by openly denigrating the owner of the paint store and talking about how he's running the business into the ground. It cannot be an easy business to maintain in the Home Depot and Lowe's era, and I rather took offense at her talking with a customer that way. So, when her advice trended toward the opposite of my intentions for the house (go for a greyer blue or go for a tanner yellow), I wasn't impressed. I ran a few more errands and came home to do what I could do - pruning the bushes away from the house, pulling the ivy off the garage, moving the furnishings off the deck, and moving the wood pile away from the garage. After getting completely filthy, it was time to get neat and pretty for the party at Hare House.

Dressed to the nines with gold halter top dress, red nails, black patent heels, and hair in a nice wave, I headed up, fetching Sam along the way. It was great to see Claudia so enthusiastic about the beauty school she's attending. I offered my hair as a playground and hopefully we'll get together sometime in the next few weeks to test her new skills. At the end of the night, I followed Shauna home so that we could make it to the ceili workshop the next day.

Catherine and Stephanie are preparing for their Irish Dance teaching certifications and they need to practice teaching the traditional ceili dances. So we gathered for four hours and ran through a dozen dances. It was fabulous to learn more about the different styles and regional variations, and some of their stylings may come to the Monday ceili too. Certainly their variation on the M-F from High Caul Cap would make it much easier to teach. It was, indeed, a challenge to stifle all the extra twirls, pattycakes, and other "County Berkeley" variations that are unique to our style. I invited both Catherine and Stephanie to drop by anytime if they'd like to practice teaching/calling some more for the dances for everyone. I'm hoping they take us up on it.

As we left the ceili rehearsal, I stepped out into the sunny afternoon and my brain couldn't really comprehend that this was San Francisco in April. It wasn't foggy. It wasn't cool. It wasn't damp. It was warm and sunny and bright. Hunh? Go figure.

After that it was time to run home before heading to Ray's birthday party. I stopped in, grabbed Ray's stuff and wrapped it up appropriately in my BCB2004 bag. Ray's party was the perfect summer barbecue. As the light changed to the long shadows of late afternoon, I mentioned that I needed to head home to choose a paint color for my house. Several people took an immediate interest, and before I knew it I had 3 graphic designers consulting me on color choices. Somehow, I had managed to make "Pick Ammy's house color" a party game. So, the house shall be painted in Benjamin Moore with Blue Bayou (801), with white trim, and a red door and shutters on the front to match the living room (Tuscon Red 1300). I suspect this will likely inspire the proper naming of the house, which for years has settled for the "Kooky Kottage" but that never seemed right. I started making departure motions again to head home, but then Alex and Sherman showed up. It was nigh impossible to escape the Sherman snuggle vortex, but I finally made it home to do laundry and get ready for the week ahead.


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