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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday - Epic Fail!

Okay, so Monday was one of those days where I couldn't move fast enough to make it all work. I had a system demo to do at 2 in an new environment. A morning of email exchanges didn't work out the problem with the Outlook connector until 2:05. Luckily, Jason saved my bacon on the big screen in front of the demo guests. Whew, but oh it would've been so much nicer to finish that like two hours earlier.

After that, I got back, started working on prep for the Calendar Migration Advisory Meeting, while working on burning some new CDs for ceili. Somehow I failed to finish both. I also didn't get the VoIP sticker text defined. Also, I forgot to arrange an instructor for the beginners so that the sub-group could rehearse for the Springfest, but a quick exchange with Fred fixed that. Meanwhile, Dave went over handlebars on his bike and wouldn't make it to ceili either, so now I really needed those CDs that aren't done. Attention turned to that, but I couldn't get them out fast enough. And before I knew it it was time to leave for ceili.

Run out the door, onto the freeway. All is fine (assuming this is a version of fine where I skip dinner) until I transition to 880, where the sign says there's an accident at Washington. Crap. Turns out, it was a really bad accident with pieces of metal that no longer resembled a car. A 25 minute delay means I'm about 20 minutes late to ceili. So are a bunch of other folks. A freeway call to Shauna means that she's started the lesson with a mixed group. Whew.

I kept on and kept on and ceili was fun, but oy I felt frizzy and frazzled at the end of all that. A small order of french fries and a chat with Bob on my way home helped make me less grumbly about the whole affair. After all, tomorrow is another day!


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