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Friday, April 04, 2008

Water and Caffeine

I frequently feel just a little bad about my coffee and Diet Coke habit. For years, I was a water-only kind of girl, drinking 32-64 ounces a day, with a once in a while Caffeine Free Diet Coke for flavor. Then I started working on the e-Protocols project with its interminable project meetings - 3 or 4 hours discussing trivialities like whether or not the end of the question should be a colon or a period. No really. I was dozing off. At the same time, the closest lunch spot offered a refillable soda bucket and once it was purchased, refills were 50 cents forever. They had Diet Coke, but not Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Hmm. So I filled it up, day after day, and got awfully used to having my daily bucket of caffeine. I also have to admit it means I drink less plain water.

And here in my office, Tom brews a very nice, very strong pot of regular Peet's Coffee every morning. For a long time, I continued to drink decaf from the Flavia machine, but darned if that thing doesn't make Denny's coffee look good, so I've been blending the two for a half-caf morning beverage, thus increasing my daily caffeine by probably another 100 milligrams.

Last week delivered a lot of news that makes me feel a little less bad about my caffeine consumption. First, there's the "Daily Caffeine Protects Brain" article. Then there was the coverage of the water per day research. So now all I have to feel bad about is the carbonation and the artificial sweeteners. But, as vices go, these are not the end of the world. Now if I could just get over my attraction to french fries...


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