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Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday Part B

I awoke to greetings from my weekend roomies and headed downstairs to see if I made it into T & Danielle's game. Victorious, I headed back up to report the good news. In fact, everyone in the room who'd wanted in had gotten in. With a breakfast of a banana and a cookie, I headed down again to acquire coffee.

When the game started, T announced there were a few specifically female characters. Jennifer and I went for the first one, and I RoShamBo'd and won the town tramp. T cheerfully announced, "And a very happy birthday to you." I replied, "Yes, my parents are so proud."

In the game, I did alright at first, but then later proved to be the most ineffective FBI agent ever, unable to properly investigate my own identity. Perhaps foolishly, I played by their rules to spend a minimum of five minutes per room/building, thus after coming out of the first place, found the remaining five room/buildings in the room had been picked clean. Harumph. When I made it to the other room, everything was already picked through there as well. I never did figure out who I was, though I did try valiantly.

I headed out after the game to FNW and taught my ceili class. One of my favorite guests from Dickens took the class and just gushed about how easy I made it and, while it was a lot to learn, he felt I was really supportive. This really really made my day. I'd spent the prior week feeling like my teaching was unappreciated, so this was the best birthday present I could've gotten.

But I got other treats and surprises as well. Richard brought me flowers. Joreth sent cake (with berries and cream!) and wine with Emily & David. Scott got pie and ice cream for me. I was pivoted within an inch of my equilibrium by three different friends. There were two polka sets at once, with blame placed squarely on my shoulders. I felt like a pretty pretty princess being twirled and dipped by Christophe. All in all, it was just perfect.


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