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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Plans

As mentioned before, the big plan is for an outing to Indy on Thursday at Camera 7, followed by dancing at FNW on Saturday (my actual birthday).

Some folks have asked about dinner before the movie. Since Johnny Rockets in Pruneyard has closed, I'm thinking that just grabbing a slice at Pizza My Heart sounds nice. Maybe a nice coffee at Coffee Society. I suspect I'll head to the theater around 6, and since the weather is scheduled to be lovely, I'll grab a slice and pull up a spot in the courtyard and start the queue. I'll bring a book and a few games. Please come join me if you like.

As for FNW, since Crepes Musette is playing, it's a little spendier than normal ($15). Sorry about that. I expect to be teaching ceili from 7-9, and dancing from 9-midnight.

Also, I haven't done anything like an evite or suchlike this year. If there are folks who say "Oh, I guess I'm not invited," please tell them they're being silly as I've managed to invite the whole world. For a very few (um... 2 maybe?) people that I know for certain don't read my blog, I actually mentioned it in person, but for everyone else, I hope word of mouth will suffice. Thirty-four isn't exactly a big milestone year and I don't feel like making a big fuss this time around.


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