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Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm not feeling as resilient lately. I'm usually amazingly durable, spring back from being squashed down quickly, and can generally take a lot of pressure. But not so much right at the moment.

I just spammed 5921 people at Stanford.

There's a little radio button when you're setting up a mailing list that lets you decide whether or not they get a generic subscription announcement message. I had changed it from the default to not send the message. But something went wrong. In the copying and pasting of those address and the little adjustments to the list, somehow it must've switched back. So 5921 people got the generic, unhelpful message.

About 30 have replied and asked to be removed. I can't do that. They have to know about the changes.

Another 20-30 have written in to say something akin to "What's this list about?"

Another 10-15 have written in to say, "Oh yes, please do subscribe me to the list."

Four have used the subscribe function to subscribe an additional address.

I've spent my afternoon responding to all of them instead of reviewing and assessing the inventory of current web pages with mentions of email, calendar, or webmail. Can I has do-over? Plz? kthxbye.

And then, after all that to get prepared to send our first message to those users, I get a message from the project manager that says "There are some discussions going on about the migration timing" and to hold off on sending the message. Oh really? You mean that date we already told a few hundred people? (The one we said might be unrealistic?) Like I said, usually I'm a pretty tough cookie, but that was it. Squish.


  • Saturday was the 30th anniversary of the first (recognized as such) email spam. Perhaps you were channeling.

    By Blogger Mr. Bill, at 6:36 PM  

  • You sent an individual message to each ?
    I would have sent a mass email to the 60 that responded, saying "oops you weren't supposed to get that, you need to be on this list to know the changes, etc"

    Chalk it up to being excessively busy

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 10:48 AM  

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