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Monday, May 05, 2008

I Think I Chose Poorly...

Nicole asked if I could help again at the Karfluki Fest. "Sure!" says I not really thinking through the potential conflicts for the weekend. There was:
- the Maker Fair (that I'd wanted to finally see)
- the Pryankster Party/Rehearsal
- Friday Night Waltz (which I went to but left early - very hard to do when Richard DJs!)
- the PEERS Chicago Ball

It's that last one that I really really regret missing. It was a one time only thing. I've heard already that it was "The best PEERS event ever" and "The best theatricals PEERS has ever put on" and that "Lee Press-On was great and the Congress of Vienna was faboo!" and seen pictures and dangit, I really wanted to be there.

But the Karfluki Fest was good too. Plenty of good music. I was useful and appreciated. I worked really rather hard on Saturday, and didn't get out to see any of the bands until the Tempest 20th anniversary show. That show was fabulous - a 3 1/2 hour blow out set, with tons of past band members sitting in for a handful of songs and culminating 3 songs with fire dance choreography. Unfortunately, most of my dancing friends were elsewhere. A tour around the audience led me to find Kearny and Linda, Will and Laura, and Cliff, and Richard Page. Cliff and I had a few nice dances together. He's such a good sport about everything and we totally did Night Fever to a song that worked perfectly for it - each major phrase of the song sync'd exactly with the moves. The next day was significantly mellower and I headed out at the end of the Tempest acoustic set, with a brief stopover in Davis for Jamba Juice with Erik. Today I am so very tired though. I definitely need a good night of sleep to make up for the 5 or 6 hours of sleep I pulled Thursday through Sunday. And I also really want a teleporter, because if I had one, I could've magically popped over to San Mateo for a few hours and still made it back to help out on Sunday.


  • I was only at Karfluki for a few hours. The music was nice. I saw a number of people I knew, but they were all helping with the event in some way, so extended hanging out wasn't an option. Given that, I figured I was better off going to Peers, so I left 2 two songs into Those Darn Accordion's set. There are some wineries around there. When able, it would be neat to go back and do a winery tour of the area.
    Peers was PACKED. People had tons of fun, but rotary dances like polkas and waltzes were difficult at times (Think last day Fezziwigs, seriously that crowded or worse...)
    It was a good thing it had lots of swing. Three waltzes, 2 of them Congress of Vienna, of which Lee did a good, straight forward version with xylophone solo during the Windows portion. The surprise at the end was that they did Sir Roger De Coverly. Which was also done well. I asked Dave B
    "Since Lee Presson can do both Congress and Sir Roger, can we have them for Fezzis?" to which he laughed very hard.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 1:32 PM  

  • We're very grateful you came to help Nicole and us at Karfluki Fest, Ammy. Thanks for choosing the way you did. You were wonderful. And what a lovely bouquet!

    I hope we may be so fortunate next year.

    By Blogger Patricia Sorbye, at 3:29 PM  

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