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Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's a girl!

Spot had her first vet visit today. First thing - she's a she, a relatively rare orange lady. She is also a total drama queen. Just getting a temperature sounded like we were chopping her tail off with an axe. The blood draw and the vaccine was so much worse. But the blood draw showed that she's healthy as can be - no FIV or leukemia. She's also cleared for no ear mites and no worms. In a week or so she'll get a flea treatment and in the meantime I'll keep picking them off individually. (I'm finding one or two a day now.) She's just about 8 weeks old now, and had her first day with full run of the house.

A little aside: while we were waiting for her test results, a nice couple came in with an absolutely gorgeous black kitty. They'd gotten her from a CalTrans worker who called and said someone had thrown the cat out of their car on the Dumbarton Bridge. I can't imagine anyone being so horrible. The kitty is so sweet and could easily find a home if surrendered to the humane society. Why why why would someone throw an animal into traffic? These are the things that really make me question humanity.

Anyway, we made it back home around 2 and after a brief trip to her room (to use the facilities and have a bite of lunch), I gave the little lady free run of the house. She marched right up to Pixel and immediately started swiping at him. 1.5 pound kitten versus 14 pound cat, and Pixel promptly runs away. After a while, he started actually turning around to face off with her, but he's still being a chicken. Instead of playing along, he's hiding in his "I'm not happy" spot in the closet and occasionally acting out by doing things like hopping up on the table and lounging even when he gets scolded. We're going to keep her separated in her room for a while longer when it's bedtime and when we're not home. Hopefully they'll develop a working relationship, and if not, we'll get her spayed in a month or so and her second round of shots and put her up for adoption after that.

But in the meantime, she's just unbelievably cute. She's back in her favorite sleeping position now, belly up in the crook of my left arm, making typing near impossible...


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