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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This and That

I got suckered into a kitten. We'd been thinking about getting a buddy for Pixel, so when my mom called and said they'd rescued a kitten from Watt Avenue, I hesitated. I suggested lots of options. I didn't really want to drive to Sacramento and deal with a very very young kitten who'd probably need a lot of attention. And so my cousin fixed this by sending two photos to my phone. I texted back saying, "Now that's just playing dirty!" I called my mom back and said, "So can you meet me in Concord?" Yep. Two hours later, I was heading home with kitten formula and kitten food and one tiny little ball of orange fluff about 6 weeks old. So far, the fluff is called Spot.

Last night I went to PEERS rehearsal before ceili. I have a long list of notes of what to bring on Saturday and it seems I'll be playing the blushing ingenue again. For the record, when Pierre says, "Twenty dollars! Twenty dollars for Miss Maybelle Merriweather!" and I blush and hide behind my fan, it is not a real auction. It's part of the show. Do not try to outbid Pierre.

At the ceili, Amanda brought me the most amazingly gorgeous bouquet and the sweetest card. I'm so completely thrilled she managed to hang in there and do the performance. It was totally the right thing. And OMG such pretty flowers! I feel appreciated. This is really good. I brought copies of the Stanford Report for all the Springfest dancers and everyone was so thrilled to see us hovering on the front of the issue. I picked up some extra copies today for folks like Charlie who wanted one for every refrigerator.

Dancing was fun. It's oddly liberating having no formal responsibilities there anymore. I don't have to call. I don't have to teach. I don't have to collect waivers. I don't have to check on the band. I don't have to make sure the CD gets stopped before the next track plays. I just show up and dance and pay my $5 like everyone else.


  • Pfff. If I was going to be there I would TOTALLY buy you. Yummy.

    By Blogger Natalie, at 12:10 PM  

  • so sorry, zee winning bid iz mine. :p

    looking forwards to saturday ;)

    By Blogger brookswift, at 8:54 PM  

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