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Friday, June 27, 2008

Two and a Half Pounds and Growing!

For better or worse, Spot seems to have stuck as a name. Leeloo seemed too froofy for her somehow, though that's still my second choice and if she grows into it, so things might change. When she just won't leave Pixel alone, she gets called mei mei, because she's being entirely too much of a little sister.

She is convinced that whatever Pixel is doing must be the best thing ever. Normally, she hates dry food, unless Pixel is eating it and then it must be yummy. If Pixel is in the tissue box, then she needs to be in the tissue box. If Pixel is on the bed, then she needs to be on the bed. And her favorite moment to pounce on him is when he's just gone into his litter box. Several times now, I've heard him start to scratch, and grabbed her as she headed towards him with a gentle, "Mei mei, let Pixel go potty in peace."

For the first time last night, I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to lock her in her room. She slept until after the alarm went off, and only then started attacking everything that moved (but mostly Pixel). She is fearless and runs at startling speeds without slowing down to turn or change elevation. Last night this meant running a top speed towards the kitty condo and then continuing at that speed right to the top. She loves climbing the screen door to greet you, so I'm happy it's a metal screen that won't be damaged by such use.

Pixel is being incredibly tolerant. She has a special affection for attacking his back legs, and he will cheerfully wrestle with her but never seems to bite too hard or strike in anger. There is no hissing. She complains piteously when he holds her down, with her whining and flailing all limbs while he casually looks up at me with the, "No seriously, why?" look of the put upon older brother.

All in all, it's going well. I'm going to schedule an appointment to get her spayed next week.


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