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Monday, July 21, 2008

Alameda Theater

The new Alameda Theater really is a marvel. On Sunday, Cynthia, Pax, and I went to see The Dark Knight (which was really really dark. Really good. Really dark.) and before the show, they played a little 10 minute documentary about the theater. It closed about thirty years ago during the rise of the multiplex and was used for a lot of different things over the years. They've done a spectacular job of restoring it, while also managing to bring it up to meet the needs of the current consumer. The historic theater is gorgeous, designed by the same architect as The Castro and The Paramount. All of the important elements were restored, but with modern seating and sound. Add to that the 7 screens built adjacent and the 350 space parking garage and it's a highly functional complex. It's an ideal blend of old and new, and yet another reason to love Alameda.


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