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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Two weeks until launch to the students on campus, and my manager says, "I had some reservations about the site design that I didn't fight for, but now I want to change the site design. Linda and I will discuss it and let you know what we decide to do." And then I was dismissed to go back to my desk, after just ever so gently pointing out that a month ago, that would've been fine, but at 2 weeks to go live, we will have to get the design vetted again and there simply isn't time. The time for action is now, not the time for "Well maybe we should do it this way." There's no time left for maybe. Only there is maybe. And I just came back to my desk and tried to figure out how I can summon enough spunk to keep working on the rest of it when really all I feel is impotence.


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