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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a Little Skin Off My Nose

Dancing at the ceili was fun last night. The place was packed and full of old friends and even a couple of new folks recruited from the Avalon Rising show on Saturday. Pax showed up and I dragged him mercilessly through the dances for everyone. Then I flew through the dances for those who know. All was well and bouncy and silly. I got to flirt with Charlie's sister while dancing with Charlie, which was a hoot because he looked so thoroughly befuddled by it. Snicker.

We bounded into the final polka set and the music was great and we were bounding along, and then something went wrong and as Charlie came around for an around the house, he clocked me in the nose. Now there's a big fingernail's width swath of skin missing and a nasty scab forming. I'm just glad I'm not teaching Sundial to Stanford Calendar today! It should heal in a few days and in the meantime I get to tell folks that a friend of mine punched me in the nose while dancing. It's not 100% accurate, but close enough and should break the ice enough at the office with coworkers who are wondering what the heck happened to my face.


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