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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kitten Notes

The kitten LOVES corn on the cob. Sunday afternoon she got in my face while I was eating an ear, and I figured she'd take a few sniffs and be on her way. Nope. I had to surrender the last quarter of my ear of corn as she proceeded to nom on it vigorously. I made myself a new ear of corn and we sat on the sofa together enjoying our corn. Weird little kitten.

It's down to Leeloo or Spot. I'm leaning toward Leeloo. It's starting to suit her. She's still mostly a Crash Bandicoot though.

Her eyes have turned golden to match the darkest part of her fur. The blue eyes she had before have retreated to the edges and just about disappeared now.

Sunday morning I was reading in bed and the two of them curled up with me. She really adores Pixel, and Pixel is really really tolerant. On Sunday I suspected he was actually enjoying her company, letting her sleep on him and grooming her.

On Thursday she goes for a vet visit to get her second round of shots and to get spayed. After surgery she's supposed to take it easy for a few days. I laughed out loud when they said that. They said, "Yeah, we know, but still, try."

She's suckling. Necks and cheeks seem to be her first choice. Someone suggested that it might be related to teething (or possibly some other developmental milestone). I'm hoping so. It's annoying, but if she's feeling needy, then I can't exactly punish her for it. Mostly I'm going to try to be around for her a bit more this week to see if some extra attention will make things better. I also picked up some kitten milk for her and she's really enjoying that, so that's helping a bit.

On the flipside, she likes Pixel's food best. She has very similar (same maker, same flavor) kitten kibble in her bowl, and yet she comes running when I put food in Pixel's bowl. Every now and then I catch Pixel eating out of her bowl, and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason that food ever disappears. The kitten thinks Pixel is just dreamy.


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