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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Phone Issues

On my way home from dancing last night, my phone suddenly lost it's brain and disconnected from the car's bluetooth. I tried turning it off and then on again to reboot and it wouldn't turn off. Puzzling. So I pulled the battery out and tried restarting it again. That's when I realized that the Power button was behaving differently from all the other buttons on the phone. There was no satisfying sponginess to it. No matter how hard I pushed, it seemed forever stuck in a pushed down state.

So I think to myself, well little phone, you've lasted five years, and you couldn't hold out for 3 more days until the new iPhone came out? See how you are?

But I've been waffling on the iPhone thing. It's cool, but it's not $75 a month cool. That's more money than I have right now. I'd need a roommate to support my iPhone habit!

Anyway, long story short (too late!), I get home and mention this to Rick and he gets all tinker-y. Before I know it, my phone is disassembled and powered up. Woohoo! Something is definitely slightly wrong with the power button, but a sort of sideways sliding push on it rather than a straight down push seems to do the trick, and really, I turn off my phone (versus turn it to silent or whatnot) very rarely. So, I guess I can wait and see what Android will bring to the table. But yeah, it's time for a new phone. Five years on one cell phone is pretty good considering I use it all the time. So I stuck it on the charger feeling like I had options again.

And then I left it at home this morning. D'oh!


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