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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Adventures

I had a really lovely weekend and I feel totally loved.

Friday night was dinner with Emily, David, and Frederik at Il Fornaio before Thoroughly Modern Millie at Broadway by the Bay. Our tickets came with a 15% discount, so it made dinner quite affordable. Turns out, Frederik knew the woman playing Muzzy, so that was a little extra fun. I'd been wanting to see the new stage version since it premiered on Broadway, so I was really thrilled to finally have the chance. The gal playing Millie had mad skills - a true triple threat. And I now want a bunch of 20s outfits.

Saturday dawned too early and I rushed off to San Francisco to the Exploratorium for Si's Tactile Dome trip. It was a lot of fun, and I always love wandering through the Exploratorium. Frederik dutifully drank from the toilet bowl water fountain and I stood under a dangling piano. I tested my hearing and I seem to have a pretty good range, only losing out at the high end above 17,000. After roaming around the museum, we headed to Rockridge for dinner at Crepevine and followed that with dancing at FNW on Saturday to Crepes Musette. Everyone was so cute in their little French outfits. Little did I know that so many gents I know could summon a striped shirt, scarf, and beret with so little effort! I stayed in my jeans and experienced the very odd sensation of getting sweaty on the front of my knees. We danced until after midnight, and then headed home.

Meanwhile, a crazy plan to see Hellboy 2 at the new Alameda theater was hatched and nearly everyone decided to join in over dinner at Crepevine. So the very next day, I headed back to Alameda (after a high intensity snuggle session with the kitten), and I saw Hellboy 2 with 10 of my closest friends. We wandered over to grab some gelato before heading off to Forbidden Island (again? Yes, again.). Several more folks joined us, and the next four hours were spent in various configurations on the sofas, with a little bit of lindy hop, a little bit of waltz, and a whole lot of sweet potato fries thrown in.

It was the best weekend I can imagine having. Good friends, good geeky science museum, good movie, good theater, good food, good drinks, and good times. Life am good.


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