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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Air Purifying Concrete

In preparation for the Vegas trip, I watched a bunch of old episodes of Star Trek. One thing that struck me was how hopeful it was about the future. With time and technology, we could wipe out all human ills - poverty, disease, hunger, pollution, and so on. I think that idea rubbed off on me when I was younger and gave me a lot of hope that propelled me through my education rather than letting me sink into a morass of cynicism.

But every now and then, I think, "You know, maybe they're right. Maybe we can fix it, given enough time and a big enough research budget." Today's science article made today one of those days. By just changing the composition of concrete, we may be able to clean pollutants out of the air. It's brilliant! Science rocks!


  • Do you have a list of sites you visit or some kind of aggregator ?
    Just wondering where you get these neat stories from

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