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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Costco Run

I finally had enough things that making a trip to Costco made sense. Costco adamantly refuses to have a quick check lane, so after a few times with 3 items in arms being stuck for 40 minutes in line behind the guy buying $600 worth of jeans, socks, random other stuff, I tend to avoid the place until it's going to save me at least $20 over going to Target. That's a pretty high bar, but knowing that they had Aidell's Chicken and Guryere sausages that are the yummiest things ever, plus reasonably priced recycled content toilet paper, and my daily face scrubbies, and well, that was enough. So off I went and it actually wasn't horrible.

I did manage to bring home the most ridiculous bag of spinach ever - two and a half pounds! I guess I'll be having sauteed spinach with pretty much everything for a while. But it was one of those Costco buys I couldn't pass up; at $3.79, it was less than the cost of two bags of spinach from Trader Joe's, and the TJ's spinach was super cheap compared to Safeway. So, I figure I'll make a nice tuna casserole with spinach, and some pasta with spinach, and eggs with spinach. It's good for me and all.

And you know what I forgot to get? Batteries. Who leaves Costco without batteries? I thought that that was some sort of requirement for exiting the building, but apparently not. Clearly the receipt check lady at the door was slacking.


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