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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Night Blues

I went to Friday Night Blues for the first time last Friday. It was very sparsely attended because there was a Lindy Exchange the same night so a bunch of the usual suspects were absent, but Christophe was there, which saved me.

I was really nervous heading up. I mean, blues? It's all sexy and slinky and I'm way better at waltz and Irish that don't have any slink to them at all. I got there and joined the class as the only woman in a room full of rather hopeful looking guys. Luckily, other ladies trickled in as well.

But then after the lessons, the lights were turned down low, and off I went on the floor with Christophe. That boy can fling me around like a rag doll and make me look like Ginger Rogers while it happens. He's the best advertising campaign I could ever have. And sure enough, there were plenty of folks asking for a dance, and me explaining repeatedly that I really didn't have a clue and it was my first night. Luckily, I follow well. Followed through bends and dips and grinds and things my knees and hips were really unclear on. But it went well, and I felt welcome.

Sherman and Auntie's place was a short hop across the bay. Within fifteen minutes, I was enjoying a hot shower. I was pretty sure my knees were going to hate me in the morning, but as it turned out, they were just fine with all that blues dancing. So I guess I'll be back. It makes a nice alternative for Friday nights without Friday Night Waltz.


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