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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Grandpa's Tomatoes

My grandpa grows the best tomatoes ever. At the State Fair last week, I picked up some Garlic Garni, so meals for the past few days have been as simple as tomato, sprinkle of Garlic Garni, and something else. Usually the something else has been some combination of eggs, pasta, spinach, cheese, potato, sausage, or bread. I'm swimming in a sea of yum and the only trouble is that I can see that the end is near. There's only four more tomatoes in the box. I've got maybe two meals left and then I have to go back to eating normal food. Wanh!


  • If it's warm down in San Jose (and I expect it is), go to the local store (probably high end store Andronico's? a cheese shop) and get some of the mozzarella balls in whey, slice them up and toss them in a bowl with sliced tomoatoes and oil and vinegar to make an Italian Insalata Caprese. Along with some decent bread, makes a great dinner for warm nights. It's filling but not hot and requires no standing in front of a stove to make.
    Or go old school German,and make a sausage salad, pretty much the same way, only with sausage instead of cheese.
    get some Viennese bologna (from the deli not a package), or some german sausage, slice it up, add sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, whatever, oil and vinegar and again filling but cold, for warm night dinner when you don't even want to go near a stove.

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