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Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Snowing on Mars

There are headlines that just force you to read the article. Snow, on Mars. Yeah. That's... well, that's just amazing.

How much would it change things to find out we're not the only planet in the solar system with forms of life? I suspect that we'll get to that point in my lifetime, and maybe, just maybe in the next two to five years. No, not little green men running around, but bacteria, and maybe something a little more complicated. We'll see.


  • I would love to see it. And perhaps you're right, that we will. But I'm a trifle dubious. Mars is the one chance we have in our lifetime, I think. Mercury & Venus are out; too inhospitable to life as we understand it, too inhospitable to our probes for us to be able to study the planets. Jupiter, Io, & Saturn are all possibilities, but I don't think we'll be far enough along technologically to study them well enough.

    By Blogger Mr. Summit, at 9:06 PM  

  • Bacteria lives near deep sea vents on the ocean floor, and in all sorts of places where we don't think life is likely. There may well be life on mars, especially if there is actual snow.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 12:28 PM  

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