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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mac Stuff

I think what I miss most about my Dell D620 is the docking station. I bravely took the Mac with me to a meeting (after spending the past week cheating by taking the Dell) and I have to unplug six cords and a cable lock to leave the office. When I came back, I had to plug in six cords and seat and lock the cable lock. Seems like that's going to be a lot of excess wear and tear on the beastie. I'd much rather have one hub to plug all of that into and one thing to plug into the Mac, but it just doesn't work that way. With the Dell, all of those were plugged into a docking station and I just snapped the machine into place and kept going. Anyway, for a company that so prides itself on elegance and streamlining, this is an awfully cumbersome process. Does anyone have any suggestions for a smoother path or is this just the way it is?


  • Unfortunately, since Macs have so little of the business market share, my guess is that there is no incentive for them to develop docking station capability, and since Macs are therefore not built with a docking input port (like dockable PC laptops have), I don't imagine anyone can really develop a third-party option solution.

    By Blogger devonapple, at 12:26 PM  

  • And once I bother to do an internet search:

    It looks like they simply clamp in all of the connectors simultaneously! Could be a start if they have one for your model. Looks to be about $300.

    By Blogger devonapple, at 12:38 PM  

  • Just guessing: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, ethernet, speakers, ???

    Start out with a USB hub, USB sound card, and a USB ethernet adapter. Then you are reducing 4(5 with mic) plugs to 1.

    I've had the Apple bluetooth keyboard in the past and been very happy with it.

    The mouse is ok, and while I've gotten used to (ctrl)+(click) there are some applications, VMWare, RDP, that can be a pain.

    Haven't done a lot of research, but I have noticed that most of the wireless keyboard/mouse combos are not bluetooth, which means an additional dongle. :-(

    By Blogger Unknown, at 7:21 PM  

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