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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nice Wedding, Nice Weekend

I was able to take Friday off, which gave me a leisurely drive to Santa Rosa.

I started from home a bit after 11, 20 minutes behind schedule, but with cats sufficiently snuggled and everything I needed for the weekend. I picked up Sean in San Ramon and headed to Jane's house for a haircut. I've been trying to hook up with Claudia to let her take scissors to my head for months now, but it just hasn't ever worked out gracefully, so I talked to Jane and she said Friday at noon was dandy, so off I went.

At 1:15, I left looking like a 40's starlet with a pin curl in front and a flower in my hair. Sean was impressed. We started the drive.

So there's this thing about the north bay - it's impossible to get to. From any direction, there's horrifically nasty traffic. So we hit traffic in Berkeley, and then traffic in San Rafael, and traffic in Novato, and traffic in Petaluma. Then we finally gave up and stopped for lunch. Yummy Chinese food was ordered 1 minute before they stopped serving lunch. Off we went again, hitting traffic in Santa Rosa. Then we stopped at Sean's motel and dropped off his luggage. Then we stopped at my motel and dropped off my luggage. And we were about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Woohoo!

And we pulled out and saw Malaya hustling across the parking lot of the Flamingo hotel. She was walking away from a VERY full limo trunk. It occurred to me that maybe we could help schlep some stuff. A few minutes later we determined that that wouldn't actually be needed, so we headed on to the wedding site for the rehearsal.

Of course, the groom hit all the nasty traffic too, so he was really late to the rehearsal.

But my favorite people kept showing up - Ray and Sherman and Auntie and Brooks and Nicole. I leapt into Brooks' arms when he arrived. It's been WAY too long since I've seen him. He's the bestest ever. Anyway, there was also John and Rebecca and Mike.

We did the rehearsal thing and headed off to dinner. There was too much good food! I ate all of my polenta with gruyere and tomatoes, but couldn't make it through my dinner because I wanted to save room for my fruit cobbler - peach, strawberry, and cranberry. I made a good call there. The cobbler was fantastic.

Fred gave the groomspeople the snuggliest robe ever. It's bamboo and sooooo soft. Once we got back to the room, we dossed down into them and lounged around in the snuggliness.

The next morning, Elizabeth called: Fashion Emergency! The bride and groom had thrown several folks into a tizzy by sending an email two weeks ago saying the wedding attire was formal. So where folks had been planning for a lovely afternoon, outdoors wedding, suddenly many fashion choices were problematic. So we got her on her way with a couple of outfits in hand. Meanwhile, we headed out for breakfast and made it back just in time to get Elizabeth laced into a corset and get opinions on the various options I could wear with my tux. The long straight velvet skirt won the day and with hair pinned down and make-up on, we headed back to Kenwood.

The big snafu of the wedding was a missing power supply for a keyboard. Crisis was averted with local help and a guitar loan. Bangers and Mash are eminently skilled and flexible. I love those guys. Brooks felt horrible for forgetting the power supply, but really, it all totally worked out.

Finally, we started the ceremony. Noelle was choked up and didn't make it through her song on the first try. It was so sweet. They talked about the various family and wedding traditions, including the breaking of a glass by the groom. Turns out we'd forgotten to put the glass in the bag for breaking. D'oh! One was collected from the catering staff by Sherman who said, "They're not expecting it back." A good laugh broke the tension and in one sharp strike the glass became many shards.

You know you're in a room with a bunch of actors and dancers and other assorted extroverts when the mic for toasting is opened up, and there's a rapid progression of folks. We, the ex-girlfriends, or at least the four present, toasted their happy future together. After another Dickens family toast (from OtherBookistan), we rose for a Belle and Scrooge and Scrooge toast: "May you be happy in the life you have chosen!" It's nice to have those words used in a happy way. Emily caught a great photo.

There followed much dancing the night away to Bangers and Mash and also to a DJ set. At the end of the night, we gazed at the stars and headed back to the motel for some much needed sleep.

On Sunday after breakfast with Sherman and Alex and Erik, I headed on home. Kitty snuggles were had for a bit before heading to Hayward for Spaghetti Sunday.


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