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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Strike Two for Chrome

Technically, strike one was that Zimbra Advanced doesn't run in Chrome, so that makes this strike two.

I had six tabs open in Chrome and knowing that it was a risk, I decided to see what happens when I click the close button. It just closes. It didn't even ask if I was sure I wanted to close all of those tabs (like old Firefox). It certainly didn't do what Firefox 3 does - ask me if I want to save my open tabs before quitting. This is my favorite new feature of 3.0, because I figured out long ago that if I needed to shut down my computer but didn't want to lose all my open tabs, I could close everything except Firefox and then start the shut down and it would come back and say, "Oh hey, Firefox closed unexpectedly, so do you want me to restore your old session?" And I'd say yes, thanks so much, and be right back up and running. Very handy. Well, the folks at Mozilla clearly noticed this too and improved that quirk to make it an actual feature. Nicely done chaps.

Meanwhile, since I wanted to see how Safari did with Zimbra, I've been playing with that today too. It has a very Mac-y feel to the fonts, but so far has performed well. It only asked me if I wanted to close all those tabs (which is better than Chrome!), so I'm sticking with Firefox for the moment. Actually, I think I'm going to continue running parallel browsers. It's kind of oddly convenient.


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