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Monday, September 08, 2008

Three Hours a Day?!

Just browsing this article on Scientific American. If you've got genes for obesity, you can cancel it out by exercising 3 or more hours per day. So basically, if you've got a normal desk job and the obesity genes, then you're screwed. It's a rare day that I get three hours of time off when I'm not commuting, eating, or sleeping and I'd have to spend it all exercising every single day. Guess I'll always be on the plump side. That's okay though. I like my curves and apparently so do others because I got a boatload of compliments at the Steampunk ball on Saturday. (Many thanks to Ari for the loan of the red frillies. It was so hot and I've never been so grateful to be out of my dress and parading around in my underthings.)


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