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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vroom... putt putt putt... vrooom

My old computer makes every sign of being on its last legs. In stand-by mode while plugged in, it goes "whir... putt putt putt putt...whir... putt putt... whir... putt putt putt..." This is not a good sound, and generally something I associate with a car having issues rather than a computer.

Ah well. I'm safely transitioned onto my new MacBook Pro, learning to like the keyboard and hate the trackpad, missing my docking station, and enjoying being able to use both Mac and Windows on the same machine. I shall become a Mac person, but I refuse to be mean about it. I will always be platform agnostic.

For the record, the MacBook is really freaking heavy by comparison. Similar size screen, but wog, I guess all that extra metal weighs it down. And the heat it generates is something to keep in mind. It's nice now that days are chilly, but would be really miserable in the summer.

And how do I tell my Dashboard weather thingy that I'm not in Cupertino? Granted it's not far, but it's a different micro-climate.

Now the Dell is just going putt putt putt putt putt putt. No more whir or vroom. Poor little 'puter.


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