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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bedtime Fail!

I got home from Nona's last night stuffed to the gills with french onion soup, chanterelle mushroom soup, spicy pork sliders, macaroni & cheese, a bite of chicken involtini, raspberry-nectarine galette, and strawberry brioche bread pudding. I said to myself, "Okay, very tired, scoop the kitty litter, feed the cats, take a shower and straight to bed."

I got the first two items checked off before I remembered tonight was the season premiere of Pushing Daisies. Intending just an innocent peek at the Tivo to make sure it recorded, I turned the tv on.

Well, then I thought, better make sure it actually recorded.

And then I thought, well, I can just watch til the credits.

And then I thought I'd be sure to stop at the first commercial.

And then I thought to myself that I simply must pause and go take a shower and then maybe I could watch a few more minutes while my hair dries a little.

And then forty minutes or so later it was over and it was really really late. And I still had to shower before bed. I'm a bad, bad girl.

But it was so good! It's just the most charmingly absurd fairy tale ever and I'm totally in love. Up til now, the new tv season has filled me with a lot of ho-hum, but then there's Pushing Daisies, and all is right with the world. I'm definitely canceling my season pass for Fringe now that I'm reminded what good tv looks and feels like.


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