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Monday, October 06, 2008

Noises Off

Getting tickets to Noises Off at City Lights was nearly as farcical as the show. The good news is that the show is selling out. The bad news is that their TicketLeap system is not especially reliable. I had several problems getting tickets, and eventually called to leave a message on Saturday and was surprised to get a person instead. Put on hold by that chap and resurrected from hold by a young woman, I explained the issues I was having. She said, "Hmm, well, I'll hold 3 tickets for you, and double check the logs later to see if you were charged or not. I'll call you back later tonight." I called back after 8 to see what was up, but got an answering machine, probably because the show had now started. I left a message just asking for confirmation. Lisa called back in the morning to say that my tickets didn't come up through TicketLeap, but that she had arranged for 3 tickets for me at the box office. I confirmed plans with Sherman and Alex and off we went. Only when we got there, it turns out we were on the waiting list, not having tickets held.

Now I've been told by many that I'm pushy. While this is often to my detriment, sometimes it works out. I initially walked away rather grumpy, but then came back and said started arguing my case. I was promised 3 tickets, had friends drive 40 miles to get here, and if there's some mix up and the show is sold out, I don't agree that my tickets are less valid than other people's tickets and that I should have to wait and not get seats with my friends when we arrived before the doors opened. Several minutes of discussion ensued and they finally said, "Why don't you just go ahead and take a seat and we'll work this out later." Right then. So, we grabbed three seats in the front row and had a lovely evening.

At the break we came out to actually give them money for the tickets and get a cup of coffee. They apologized for all the mix ups and offered us a glass of wine. I said, "Oh thank you, but really, we'd much prefer a cup of coffee." Turns out, through some mix up there was no coffee. I said, "Wow, you all really are having quite a cursed evening." I guess that's what comes of running a show about things going wacky with a stage production.

At any rate, the show was lovely. We heard about it via Magenta, who costumed the show. It was beautifully costumed, by which I mean that the costumes were perfect for the characters, didn't upstage the action in any way, and were highly functional. Perhaps the best was Brooke's underwear which she spent most of the evening parading around in. It was sexy, but utterly opaque, leaving her comfortably covered while still being the perfect blonde bombshell.

Another bonus was Chuck McKeithan as Freddy. Now, at PEERS, Chuck is always game for being made the fool and for ending up with his trousers around his ankles, so Freddy was the perfect role for Chuck. His upstairs journey with hands glued together and pants around ankles got a round of applause from the audience when he made it to the top.

At the end, in the spirit of the evening, we ran to Pizza My Heart for dinner, where Sherman discovered his phone was missing. A chorus of "Phone! No phone! Phone phone phone!" was delivered in the spirit of "bag!" or "sardines!". We drove around the corner to run back into the theater. He'd been laughing and squirming in his seat so much that it fell out. We'll count that as a win for the show. There's two weekends left - go see it!


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