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Friday, October 03, 2008

Pretty Sari

I'd been searching for something special to wear to the Browncoat Ball and I thought maybe a choli lengha or a sari. So I'd been searching eBay, not really finding just the right thing, and then I stumbled on a guy selling very reasonably priced saris. Turns out he's in Santa Clara, so I popped by last night and looked through his stash. A friend in India wholesales them, so he'd been seeing what the market might be for direct sales.

I picked up a silk/cotton sari for $36. This didn't bust my budget for the month, so big win! It's a pretty turquoise and blue color and I can't wait to try it on. I thought, "Eek, how do I do this?" But you've got to love the internet - there's both written instructions and videos available. Oh my dear 21st century, how I do love thee!


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