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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things Go Wrong

Some days just refuse to progress gracefully. Yesterday was one of those days at the office, and then I figured I'd come home, take care of a few things, and go to bed early. Ha!

One of the chores I needed to accomplish was dying my hair. I started going grey when I was twelve and lo these 22 years later, I've got more grey than brown, so until I'm ready to go grey for keeps (and endure a year or more of growing out my hair and looking like a dork), hair dye is a once every 4 weeks routine without exception.

So, I do the drill, remove all of the linens from the bathroom, strip down, and get started. Leeloo was being especially needy and kept trying to jump into the sink. Soon my gloved hands were covered in slime and that's when Leeloo jumps back into the sink. Sigh. She wanders over to the dye bottle, and knowing that she usually abhors strong smells, I think little of it. Then she licked the bottle.


So I grabbed her. Then realized I've just grabbed the kitten with slimy hair dye covered hands.


So I rush out to the kitchen sink and start hosing her down. I thoroughly soap her up with dish soap and rinse. Then I bundle her in a towel and call the vet.

Adobe Animal Hospital is the best. They're there 24/7 and they're always willing to offer a quick consultation. The vet tech asked a few questions: is she drooling or foaming at the mouth? Is she behaving oddly? Is she lethargic? No, no, and hell no. She's a wet kitten wrapped in a towel who is now very pissed off. A consult with the vet and they assure me that she didn't get enough to harm her and that washing her with Dawn was exactly the right thing to do. The also give me the number for Poison Control. Okay, good.

So then I tousle her a bit more and go back to the bathroom to finish my hair... now, about 20 minutes later.


So I put the dye on the other half and hope for the best. While I wait for a few minutes, I snuggle the kitten again, and she's already looking much drier. The other cats are watching her as if she's slightly radioactive. I suspect they're all wondering what the hell happened and what they have to do to avoid a sudden bath.

Through the shower and out again and after a bit of this and that I'm back to the sofa where Leeloo just wants to be held and snuggled. Yeah, sure sweetie. Anything you want tonight. Just don't go licking any more toxic chemicals, okay?


  • When you decide to go grey, maybe you could make your best guess at what grey your hair is and dye it that color so it won't be quite so bad waiting for it all naturally.

    By Blogger Kim, at 2:39 PM  

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