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Monday, November 10, 2008

Dickens Workshops - Week 1

Dickens Workshops were full of weird wonders this weekend. This included:
    - Friday at Alex & Sherman's place, I off-handedly remark, "You know, we should go check out that new Tiki bar over the bridge soon." And 20 minutes later we were there. (For the record, it's more restauranty, so for our normal day-to-day Tiki bar needs, we're still sticking with Forbidden Island.)
    - Finally remembered to call Danielle about the donation site for the school and got the call back just as Suzanne was starting her class.! Got it. I'm on it!
    - lunch at Nona's Kitchen where we ended up with 20 folks descending on them. Good thing I'd warned Joreth a little, but not nearly to that scale.
    - Fog so thick that I couldn't see across the parking lot
    - I got a rolling pin from Richard! That was so quirky and fun! And now I have a shiny new rolling pin. Must put pin to pastry soon.
    - Being asked by Shirleigh, "Why aren't you dancing with us? Why aren't you taking step classes yet?" We both agreed I should make the effort to get to Brian Cleary's classes. This is now planned for January.
    - Meeting at least 3 really nice people in Dance 1 and successfully avoiding breaking an ankle. Hooray for enthusiastic polkas.
    - Introducing Erik to Aurora Feint and losing my iPhone to him for a day. He had fun and figured out some tough puzzles for me.
    - Sherman trying on the bluest top hat ever. With his blue eyes, it was spooky.

It was fun all in all. Some workshops were good. Some were clunkers. I do wish there were more new ones because I can only hear the same lectures so many times without going insane, so my list of options grows limited. Fezzis needs to work on Wink some more, but I'll save that until Dress Rehearsal when I have everyone present again. I may ask Dave to do it earlier in the day though.


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