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Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay, so really, the big difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple is such a closed system, they can offer to support everything they make or are associated with. Net result - I called the Apple store with the panic, and they said they could see me at 7:40 for a Genius appointment. I sat down at the bar around 8 after the waiting. By 8:30 we'd determined that things were really wrong. It might be the phone or might not. It might be my laptop and iTunes or it might be accumulated errors in the backup/sync. So, start simple: a new phone.

So we rebuilt from backup. Then we copied off everything important to some other way of saving. Then we restored the new phone to factory settings. Then we resync'd everything and reset settings. I had to set up my mail, calendar, and bluetooth settings again, but that's not so bad. And I get to start over with the phone. Hopefully that's all it takes. The next steps are messier.

Still, it's awfully nice feeling supported. Daniel, the Genius, helped me and four other people simultaneously. It was heroic. I've never seen a tech work so hard. The minute one system was doing something that would take a second, he'd bounce to the next. It was really amazing. I'm quite certain that he isn't paid enough. And the cost of this whole adventure for me? $0.00. Heck, technically I think the whole thing saved me money since I didn't spend money on gas to Alameda tonight.

So that's the Apple experience, what makes it truly different, and really what they should be promoting rather than taking smug backhanded potshots at Microsoft.


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