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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Days are Good Days

Every now and then I think, "Geez, I'm really losing it. I'm just not as efficient as I used to be. I don't seem to get much done most days." But put a little pressure on, and sure enough, I perform like the over-achiever I am.

Today started with a bug meeting where I promptly volunteered to take on writing up all the workarounds for the 120 bugs before I left today. Then I got back to my desk, found out my teammate not only couldn't help with that, she also couldn't take over doing the Tech Express because she was filling in for Mark whose daughter ended up in the hospital overnight. Okay, no problem. So I wait for the document to arrive and sift through my email and morning stuff. And then with the arrival of the document at a few minute to 11, the starting shot was heard.

So I worked on workarounds for 30 minutes, then got ready for the Tech Express, did the Tech Express (which went swimmingly well), came back and had a sandwich and caught up on email, went to a VOIP meeting, went to mentor training, went to the Campus Partners meeting, went to the track leads meeting, and came back to my desk. On my way back I checked in with several coworkers and decided not to rush. Then I sat down to the document, finished it up at 7 and sent it off. Ta-da!

Oh, and I also kept up on my personal email and LJ somehow during the random spare minutes here and there. I am the very model of personal efficiency! And now I go home to be super-chore-girl and vacuum, clean the kitchen, take things up to the attic, and set up the Things Box for Fezziwigs.

Zoom zoom!


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