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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Car

Got my car back and they did an amazing job of washing it. It's shiny and sparkly. It really needed a good bath, and they did it out of courtesy to help make up to me.

Turns out George left yesterday because his mom had a heart attack. Major bummer. Sorry to get caught in the middle of it and have my stuff make things worse.

They put in the new computer module, drove the car about a bit, and every thing looked fixed. Then they slammed the hood and the light blinked out. Apparently it was the groan heard 'round the garage. Javier, the service manager taking over my case, knows a guy at the Toyota dealer and is going to get him to take a look at it on Thursday. I'll drop it off back again on Thursday and hopefully we'll get it all straightened out. Meanwhile, Shadow is so very pretty and clean.


  • Hope George's mother is ok. With any luck you'll get your car back in time for Saturday.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 4:58 PM  

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