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Monday, November 10, 2008

Screwed by Cavallino's

Oh holy hell! I'm so totally screwed!

I've had a problem with my left front headlamp for a while. I wanted to get it taken care of before Dickens season really ramped up, so a month or so ago I contacted the repair shop that took care of my car when it got smooshed. Since it was the same side, I suspected something wasn't connected right. They took off my bumper, wiggled all the connections, and sent me on my way. Then on the way home that night, the lamp blinked out again. Sigh.

I called them back the next morning and George said he'd look into getting a new headlamp and would call me back in a couple of hours. A couple of days passed. I called and left a message. A week passed, so I sent email. I get a hold of George and he said he'd forgotten, but he's got the part on order and could I bring the car in on Monday the 10th? Sure, says I.

So I drop my car off this morning. It's a little chaotic in there and the receptionist is dealing with some billing problem and doesn't notice me for a while. Eventually, Marco drives me to campus. They'll call when my car is all set.

And then I get to work. In the afternoon, I start concentrating on a couple of problems. I completely forgot that my car wasn't here.

And Cavallino's completely forgot to call or pick me up.

And here I am at work at 8:40 on Monday when I should've left for ceili an hour ago scrambling to find transportation home. Luckily, Christyn is a student again and I just managed to make contact with her so she's going to get me home after her class ends at 9. I still don't know how I'm getting to work in the morning, but I'm co-teaching a class at 9am, so I've got to figure something out pronto.

I am not a happy customer.


  • That sucks. We had the guest teachers, Stephanie and Kimberly (?), Stephanie is going to take her dance teaching exam soon.

    By Blogger ChrisFS, at 8:35 AM  

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