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Friday, November 28, 2008


For the holiday, I just want to acknowledge how thankful I am for my friends. This past year has been full of insanely stressful changes at home, but throughout the whole thing, I've felt loved and supported. I have it so much better than I ever imagined possible.

I also have two of the cutest kitties in the world, who are curled up together on a pillow on the Poang chair. The chair was a loving hand-me-down from Kevin. The pillow a gift from my mom, and the kitties have both been the most wonderful blessing. I woke up this morning to one snuggling my neck and the other pressed against my legs waiting his turn for snuggles. So wonderful.

I'm also very thankful for the cute boy sitting next to me on the sofa. Walks on the beach are even better when they involve sudden attacks of waltzing.

I'm also so grateful for my job. I never thought I'd find such a perfect fit, but there it is - technology, communication, and training, all in one tidy little package just for me, and at an institution where our highest goals are not to make money, but instead to further the mission of teaching, learning, and research. It's ideal. Moreover, I was offered a chance to participate in the mentoring program this year. I get an official mentor to help me bloom and grow towards the next big thing. This is a little piece of magic I never imagined possible in this modern age where the normal way to get a better job is to job hop to the next position. Not only is Stanford willing to let me have such a cool job, but they're willing to invest in me as an employee. I win!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope it treats you well.


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