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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Working Headlights

The other update is that for a full week, I've had two working headlights. This makes me no end of happy, especially since this too didn't cost me anything other than one really stressful night where I realized I didn't have my car to get home.

Cavallino's really worked hard. It turns out George, the technician who was managing my case, turned things over to his boss Javier when George had to leave early that Monday because his mom had a heart attack. In the flurry and fluster, Javier didn't get that I didn't have a way home. So working with me and my schedule, we went through a couple more rounds of dropping off and picking up, and finally they turned things over to Magnussen Toyota in Palo Alto.

While all this unfurled, I once again was reminded what great friends I have. Turns out, Kirsten, who plays a Toy Soldier and works at Cuthbert's Tea Shop at Dickens, is a service technician at Toyota in Daly City in her real life. Go figure. She got me a technical report on issues folks have had with Prius headlights. On first read, it looked like they'd done everything they were supposed to do, but as it turns out, the lamps had not been replaced by Cavallino's. So, Toyota in Palo Alto replaced both the low and high beam, and lo and behold, this fixed everything. Hooray! Better yet, Cavallino covered the costs, so once again, total cost to me: $0.00. (I'm really super happy about that part since each bulb is over $300. Yikes!)

And this puts me strangely in mind of a revision to the 12 Days of Christmas: On the days before Dickens, my warranties gave to me: two working headlights and a free replacement of my iPhone!


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