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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Home safe and sound. Christyn rescued me and loaned me a car with a Stanford parking sticker for today. I'm so very grateful for my friends, for she is not the only one who volunteered to rescue me, but she is the one who did it with style. I mean, geez, a parking permit? That's like gold.

So I came home, made myself some pot stickers and poor man's wonton soup (can of chicken broth, a few frozen chicken shu mai, a few leaves of spinich, and a sprinkle of garlic garni). Then off to bed earlier than normal and certainly earlier than if I'd gone to ceili.

The shop emailed this morning and George called. He'd had a family emergency and had handed things off to someone else who didn't realize I didn't have a way home without my car. D'oh! Oh the joys of miscommunication. Anyway, they're beyond apologetic and I'll get my car back shortly. They're going to drive it out to me. Headlamp and computer that controls the headlamp have both been replaced. We'll see how a test drive goes, but hopefully, this closes the book on the great headlamp adventure.


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