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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Attack of the Lazy

Things started last Friday with a bang. Some last minute Christmas shopping was followed by Friday Night Waltz. That was followed by Dickens Fair, including another Dark Garden window, Gaskells, Dickens Fair, and the party for the cast after the end. The next morning I rose early to drive Erik to the airport, then off to do tear-down for Fezziwigs. Wrapping that up about 6:30, I headed back to Alex & Sherman's place to idle for an hour or so. That's when I realized I was really really tired, but rest would come later. First, dancing at ceili. Then Tuesday was spent wrapping gifts, doing last minute shopping, and putting things away to a minimum level around the house. There wasn't time for actual house cleaning, but I had to be able to walk around and find things. I finished wrapping gifts around three a.m. and headed to bed. Wednesday was slogging towards Sacramento. I was out the door a bit before 1pm, but didn't get to Sac until 5:30. The traffic was awful. For one day, I really missed $4 gasoline. Holiday dinner and presents, and home to mom's house for bed too late, followed by another family gathering and presents, followed by dropping in to see Danny & Steph and share tales of the holidays and some cookies and fudge. Yesterday was chores and shopping stuff because I was almost completely out of cat food. (Now noted that they go through one bag in almost exactly 30 days.) The Browncoat Holiday party was last night.

So this morning, this was the morning that I finally got to sleep in, without anything to get me out of bed. And so I got my lazy morning - woke up, snuggled the kitties, read a book, dozed off, snuggled the kitties, read a bit, and so on. After noon I finally headed to the living room to supplement the book reading with tv watching. This is the day of ultimate laziness. I treat myself to this once a year (if I'm lucky). I'm catching up on Heroes and Pushing Daisies and other stuff on Tivo. I finally made some coffee around 3pm.

Tomorrow I'll be ready to clean the house. Tomorrow I'll sand the patch in the bathroom and scrub the tub. Tomorrow I'll put away everything I got for Christmas. Today, I'm reveling in a moment of laziness, and it feels good.


  • I slept in as well today. It was very nice. I called two people who were selling their cars on Craigslist but one got sold before I had a chance to get there, and the other only shows it during the day on weekdays in Fremont (WTF?).

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 4:42 PM  

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