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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Comes Early

Careful what you wish for? Or... not.

First I went to the IT Services Christmas party and got my teammate to Night Fever with me. This was awesome.

Then I went to Kevin and Rachel's place because I *had* to come get my Christmas present. I was momentarily dubious because Kevin kept saying puzzling things about it, but I figured I'm always up for a good excuse to see them both, and for a chance to snuggle the kitties, even if I'm a lame-o who hasn't done anything about getting gifties for friends in the past month. Turns out, I got a ladder!!! Yay! Moreover, it's such a wicked cool fabulously light-weight ladder that I can lift it with one finger. It's totally awesome. (And now Rachel wants one too.) I'm so going home tonight and putting things up in high cupboards. Mwah-ha-ha!

And then I went to Social Tank with Wendy and Jeff and they giddily asked me to hang out for a minute so that they could give me a prezzie. After playing in T & Danielle's Portal LARP with Wendy, they got me Portal so that I can better understand the love of a Companion Cube. I've been wanting to try the game for months now, but I'm going to be a good girl and not install it til after Fezzi tear down on Monday. But then I'll have days off *and* a new game to play and that will be awesome.

And now I'm having my annual "Egad, it's just a few days til Christmas, it's too late to shop online, and I'm so not ready! ACK!!!" moment. Christmas may be coming a little early for me, but it will likely be running a bit late for most of my friends from me. Harumph.


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