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Monday, December 01, 2008

First Weekend

Day one of Dickens: Went like clockwork. It's like we've been doing this for 9 years or something. Danced every dance during my lead and backup shifts save for 2 schottisches. Go me! Followed this with a trip to Watercourse Way with Bates, Molly, and Erik. This was exactly the right answer. The staff at Watercourse were fascinated by the whole Dickens Fair idea, fed us some of their birthday cake, and let us stay extra time since there was no one in the room after us for the rest of the night. Bates had never been there before and he was completely blown away. I gave a comp to the woman who was most interested.

Day two: Never could quite catch the train. It was unnaturally hot in the Cow Palace. I melted. Picked up chocolate for Mr. Fezziwig's desk on the way home. Felt like a melted Ammy til after the shower, whereupon I woke up and realized all that I still had left to do. Instead of going to bed, I pulled together something resembling an idea for my Dark Garden window the next day, replied to email, and did laundry. This was necessary, but ultimately a bad idea. Note to self: next time take a shower and then eat dinner.

Day three: The Cow Palace has invaded my sinuses. I'm not sick per se, but oy, with the Cow Palace funk in my head. Still, got back on the train, did the thing, and had a good day. The Dark Garden window, last minute planning and all, apparently went well.
credit to Miss Darling
I managed to some how stave off the eye watering and nose dripping issue that started in the first ten minutes. The rest of the day passed at light speed. At six, I thought we were about to do Stagecoach, but it turns out I was an hour off. We closed out the day, packed up the food, inventoried the Things Box, and headed out. I dropped James at home and headed to Hayward for Spaghetti Sunday with Josh and Magenta. This was truly Shamu Hour. Sherman demonstrated his patter (which is truly hilarious, but maybe not quite as funny as it seemed then). Elbows! Laura looked at her watch and told us all it was an hour later than it was because the numbers fell out of her head. Much laughter was had by all. Reverend and Mrs. Digby are a fabulous addition to the cast. I quipped that they were like spare Fezziwig's we'd forgotten in the back of a closet and finally remembered to press the On button.

Post-Dickens Monday: The Cow Palace is still in my nose. I'm not sick, but I'm doing a decent imitation of it, working on coughing up the last of the funk. I'm not sure I could do Dickens if I didn't have a ridiculous surplus of vacation. The Mondays off save me. I slept til 10:30, lounged in bed with the kitties and read, and followed that with some errands to refill the Things Box and get food for the week. I got a massage, came home and made more soup, and took care of my feet. Opted for the exercise of wisdom and stayed home instead of going to ceili. Leeloo and Pixel are really happy with that choice and have been trading off snuggle time for the past 2 hours while I soak my feet and watch Buckaroo Banzai.


  • "Wherever you go, there you are." Thanks for the hug!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:08 PM  

  • Buckeroo Banzai is a great movie.

    I was great on Satruday (skipped Friday) and quite tired by Sunday afternoon. Josh and Magenta's thing was tempting, but I was wiped out and had no way good way of getting there. Yes Mondays off are a very good thing.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 11:57 AM  

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