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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Slaggy Butt

So this week, this getting up and going to work and being productive thing, well, it's been hard. It's also been cold outside, so I've been opting to eat left over black-eyed peas and snack on dry cereal rather than going out to forage for lunch on campus. But today, I finally decided that I really should pry bum from chair and go hit the stairs and grab a soda. The caffeine was calling, but really, I was jonesing for a trip outside and up to see the views around Clark Center. It's just really pretty up there at the top. You can see quite a ways. Today was blue sky poking through puffy white and grey clouds and lots of evergreen tree tops.

I went and grabbed my soda after the stairs, and opted for one additional trip up and down on one side just because it felt good before. Okay, now to finish a video on sorting and searching.


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