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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Books on CD

I love my local library. It's open reasonably late a few nights a week so that I can run in, drop off my two items, and pick out two more. That's just swell.

So last night I dropped off City of Ember, which was alright. I wanted more. I wanted something to the Artemis Fowl level of wit and humor. It wasn't that. It was just a "kids escape from the corrupt and failing city" kind of story.

I also dropped off Assassination Vacation, which was totally awesome! I love that it is such a random rambling about 3 major presidential assassinations, but it's mixed in with weird little anecdotes about her nephew Owen and his love of cemetaries and commentary on Gramercy Park, the only private park in New York City. It's just a hoot. I loved the bit about the Oneida community and how Charles Giteau was probably the only guy who couldn't get laid in a free love community and about how poor Robert Todd Lincoln had the misfortune to be present or had seen the person earlier that day for three presidential assassinations. Anyway, suffice to say, history is rarely so entertainingly told.

I picked up Our Mutual Friend and Sarah Vowell's next book, The Wordy Shipmates on CD. Instead of cursing the pledge breaks on KQED, Sarah shall tell me a story as I drive home.


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