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Friday, February 06, 2009

California Weather

This has been a week of unexpectedly delightful weather. Tuesday was so warm and sunny (75 degrees!) that I roused from my chair and went for the stairs at 4:30, not because the caffeine called, but just because I wanted to get up to see the view at the top of the Clark Center. It was just lovely.

Yesterday and today have been characterized by a sort of warm, misty precipitation. It feels and smells like rain out there, but I'm not getting soaked. During a break in the mist, I headed back to the stairs to see the puffy clouds and grey chunks wrapped around the Fremont hills.

They may be getting 6 more weeks of winter on the east coast, but this surely feels like spring out here, for better or worse. And I know this warm rain isn't really helping anything in terms of the nasty drought conditions we'll see this summer, but I can't help but love it regardless.


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