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Monday, February 16, 2009


Went to DDC 33 this weekend. It was the perfect little holiday get away, just 30 minutes from home in San Ramon. A nice hotel, a cute boy, and games three days in a row.

Here's the big confession: I enjoy LARPing. Yep. That makes me one of the worst sorts of geeks. But I have to say, it scratches the itch that I get to act. It's improv. It's costumes. It's goals to achieve and mysteries to solve.

I ended up in three games this weekend. I think my favorite was Aaron's BSG game, aboard the Argus before the assault on Caprica. Most of my con friends were playing the L5R game that Wayne was running or the Mutant Saga. The BSG was a small game, but that's part of what made it awesome. I was the chief of staff to a politician. We were touring a new ship. Since the cylons hadn't been seen for 39 years, the spending on such things was questionable, but my guy was old enough to remember and he was a hawk who wanted to be ready when they came back.

At least, that's how it went at first. Just as I was getting discouraged, thinking I didn't have enough power to really get past the walls everyone was putting in my way, I got handed a sheet of paper. I'd seen papers go out to lots of other players periodically throughout the game. Mine said I was a Cylon sleeper agent. Hell, it said I was a Six. That explains why I'd had the attribute of "Stunningly Beautiful". Hunh. Okay. Make contact with the other Cylon I know about and get a message out using the comm system on a Cylon frequency. Through a special moment of serendipity, just as I figured out I was capable of what I needed to do, the comm officer left her post for one of the few times all night. I sent my message, and a half an hour later, we won. Well, the Cylons won. All the humans died when the base star arrived and took over the ship.

Anyway, it was a hoot. Well scripted and a small enough group that everyone was pretty involved in the same plot.

On Friday, in the Pajama Game LARP, I was one half of a super-popular couple - the fashion model and the race car driver, returning to camp for a charity benefit and deciding whether or not to send our two little girls to camp there. It was just such a burden playing the happy, cute couple with Erik all night! Suffice to say, our kids will NOT be attending that camp. I also played T's Fading Suns LARP, which was intensely complicated, but in a good way. I could've done with an extra 20 minutes to get familiar with my co-players own character sheet at the beginning, but beyond that, it went well. It's a crazy complicated system: a lot of Dune, a bit of Arthurian legend, a bit of Firefly. Fun stuff.

But the highlight for me was running the Evil League of Evil auditions with Erik and Erik. It was AWESOME! Sure, the characters we planned were fun, but boy howdy did some of our best characters and players come from folks who walked in the door prepared. The Cloak of Anxiety came with his own henchman, the Sexatary. He was a classic oily villain, but suave and debonaire, except when he was doubting himself, which was a lot of the time. There was also the Questioner, who would not ever ever ever make a statement. I could go on about it more, but I think we'll be running it again at either KublaCon or Conquest later this year. It was too much fun, and we can see where to refine it now, so the second run should be even better.

It was a really fabulous weekend, but I'm tired and the kitties say I should stay home and snuggle them rather than going out in the rain to drive to Alameda for the ceili.


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