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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Living the California Way

I went to see Wicked last night, which was fabulous. Stayed with Sherman and Alex in Alameda and headed to work this morning. The fog wrapped around the Fremont hills and the bay was blue and foamy as I crossed the bridge. Arriving at work, I sat down and a few moments later, Nuriya asked if I wanted to be a Bird Sister. I was puzzled, but game. She had little temporary tattoos. All the ladies of Spruce Hall are sporting little Indian-style rust-colored bird tattoos. So I poured myself a cup of coffee while Nuriya applied a tattoo to my hip. Then I sat down to get to work. That's when I had that overwhelming feeling of "only here, only now". There's so many ways it's true. As much as I love dressing up and visiting the worlds of the past, I'm really glad I'm living my real life now.


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