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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The science news is just full of fun stuff today. Well... fun, disturbing - you decide!

Eating beef doesn't just clog your arteries, it also contributes to global climate change. Don't want to give up meat altogether? Well, eating chicken produces 13 times less greenhouse gas than eating beef. Go figure. And yes, this is why I originally gave up eating beef in 1990, but I've gotten lazy over the years. This is a good kick to remind me to choose veg (or at least chicken).

Autism and schizophrenia - turns out there's no link to vaccines, but there is a link to the father's age.

In other news, homophobic men are more likely to be turned on by gay porn than their non-homophobic (but straight!) counterparts. Gee, really? You mean guys like Ted Haggard who preach all about the sinfulness of homosexuality might be compensating for their gay urges? Why I'm shocked, simply shocked. Only not. The worrisome part is that these homophobic guys were also more likely to be aggressive against gay men when given the opportunity to hurt them. That's just a shame.

Feeling down? Think fast! It actually makes you happier. (I submit that this is why watching Gilmore Girls used to make me very happy. The content wasn't all that, but the rapid-fire dialogue was always a joy. Same goes for Oscar Wilde plays.)


  • some farms actually reclaim methane from cattle (and use it for an energy source). also, grass fed cattle don't produce nearly as much gas as industrial corn fed beef (because the corn causes digestion problems and lots of gas).

    i won't get into my research on what effect greenhouse gases even have on the enviornment, as that is a lengthy and complex debate full of politics.

    you just have to pay a bit more and research your food.

    By Blogger brookswift, at 7:06 AM  

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